Celebrating Our Learnings & Co-creating Next Year's CoP Learning Agenda – May 24, 2023

Celebrating Our Learnings & Co-creating Next Year's CoP Learning Agenda – May 24, 2023

DC School Behavioral Health Community of Practice meeting on Wednesday, May 24, 2023 celebrated our Community of Practice learnings. Next year’s success begins with our reflection on what worked and didn’t work this school year! Together, we examined the value of the DC CoP in supporting implementation of school behavioral health (SBH) practices in schools. Your participation and engagement was very important to informing next year’s activities. The DC CoP is led by community members, for community members. We invited the CoP to shape - and inspire - our collective learning about how to increase student access to quality mental health and wellness services within and across DC schools.

The meeting objectives:

  • Celebrate our DC Community of Practice learnings to inspire next steps
  • Reflect on the Value of the DC CoP
  • Plan next year’s DC CoP activities and next steps


­­­During the meeting, Practice and Work Groups shared accomplishments and best practices that can help your team improve school behavioral health and wellness. The following Practice and Work Groups shared their learnings:

  1. Crisis Response and Intervention/Suicide Prevention
  2. Family and Youth Engagement & Youth-Adult Partnerships
  3. Positive School Climate and Social and Emotional Learning Implementation
  4. Teacher Wellness
  5. Trauma-Informed Practices in Schools

Padlet for May 24, 2023 DC CoP meeting: https://chhcs.padlet.org/chhcs1/dc-cop-meeting-may-24-2023-bxvbs6lzkkekhs0o

Celebrating Our Learnings:  https://chhcs.padlet.org/chhcs1/celebrating-our-learnings-cop-activities-2022-2023-io0i5uvrw7wb4puh  (padlet.org)

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