Partnering with Families - November 18, 2020

Meeting Theme: Partnering with Families: Building trust and addressing implicit bias around family engagement in School Behavioral Health


The D.C. School Behavioral Health Community of Practice meeting on Wednesday, November 18, 2020 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm focused on learning what it means to partner with families in school behavioral health. Family Engagement Practice Group leaders shared the evidence-based approaches that promote authentic engagement of families and model family engagement strategies that can be easily applied in schools.



Chioma Oruh, Ph.D.

Linda Sheriff, M.Ed.

Ronald LaFleur, MSW, LICSW


The meeting objectives are:

  • Explore evidence-based and promising strategies that promote meaningful engagement of families
  • Use the Grounding Assumptions strategy to examine the implicit bias around family engagement
  • Learn about national and local resources on family engagement
  • Showcase a successful family engagement strategy to model important conversations that can deepen understanding about what it means to partner with families (e.g., Family café)


Meeting Padlet:

Meeting Date