Part 1A: Helping Children Heal in a New Era of Grief | 3 CEs

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The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools, in partnership with the Wendt Center, is offering a training on facilitating school-based groups for children and youth who have experienced grief, loss, and trauma to members of our DC School Behavioral Health Community of Practice (DC CoP).

Helping Children and Youth Heal in a New Era of Grief

Children and adolescents are impacted by grief at astounding numbers. Recent data estimates that over 200,000 children have experienced the death of a caregiver due to COVID. And we know that many more have experienced caregiver death due to other illness, accidents and community violence. The prior school-year saw a significant increase in the number of children/adolescents reporting the death of someone important to them. We know grief has entered schools in record numbers. And, when a child or adolescent experiences the death of someone important, their entire world is impacted, and important questions can surface. Who will take care of me? Will I remember this person? Why did this happen?

Adults who understand the developmental impact of grief and can provide appropriate support are central to the healing process in children and adolescents.

The training will be offered in three connected parts (1A, 1B and 1C), each segment taking 3.5 hours and each qualifying for 3 CEs

Instructor: Megan Broderick, LICSW

Megan Broderick is a licensed clinical social worker and grief and trauma psychotherapist at the Wendt Center for Loss & Healing in Washington, DC. Megan began her professional career as a journalist, drawn to understanding the stories of others and the breadth of human resilience. After several years, Megan entered the field of child advocacy in 2009. She spent the next five years advocating and providing support for children involved in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems in Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC. During that time, she earned her Master of Social Work degree. After completing her degree, Megan worked as a therapeutic case manager for children and families impacted by HIV in Washington, DC, with emphasis on overcoming systemic barriers to positive health outcomes. Megan has also provided clinical assessment in child custody and adoption cases and worked as a child and family therapist for adopted children and their families. Megan joined the Wendt Center in 2018. She provides individual therapy to children, teens and adults experiencing grief and trauma, including those impacted by homicide bereavement, interpersonal violence and childhood trauma. She also helps to train and educate the community about grief and trauma through the Wendt Center’s Training Institute.

CEs: 3 CEs

Questions: Call Melissa Sellevaag, LICSW, 202-204-5033 or email

Additional Information:

This workshop is a live, interactive webinar with video and audio capabilities enabled for both participants and instructors. Participants will have the ability to comment and ask questions both verbally and in the chat feature and will receive real-time communication from the instructor or co-facilitator in response. The instructor will frequently invite engagement from participants through use of the chat, reactions, and/or poll features.

Target Audience:

Licensed mental health professionals and other school staff or administration where relevant.