Provider Wellness – March 23, 2022

DC School Behavioral Health Community of Practice meeting on Wednesday, March 23, 2022 participants explore different self-care strategies. Michelle Kelsey Mitchell will lead the experiential session examining the reciprocity of self-care, along with the neuroscience of stress, and its effects on the body and nervous system followed by breakout sessions focused on mindfulness, movement and other self-care techniques.   

Meeting Theme: Provider Wellness


  • Chaz Kohlrieser, MSW, LICSW, D.C. DBH
  • Michelle Kelsey Mitchell, MA, Pure Edge, Inc.
  • Jennifer Fechter, MA, Mind. Inc.
  • Miatta M. Tucker-Zaza, MSW, LICSW, D.C. DBH
  • Susan Comfort, Nonprofit Wellness

Padlet for March 23, 2022 DC CoP meeting:

Meeting Date