Levels of Family Engagement

Levels of Family Engagement – February 16, 2022

DC School Behavioral Health Community of Practice meeting on Wednesday, February 16, 2022 participants learned what it means to increase engagement with families in school behavioral health. Family Engagement Practice Group leaders, Chioma Oruh, Linda Sheriff and Ronald LaFleur, shared the evidence-based approaches that promote authentic engagement of families and model family engagement strategies that can be easily applied in schools.

Meeting Theme: Levels of Family Engagement: Building Trusting Relationships between Clinicians, School Staff and Parents.


  • Ronald LaFleur, MSW, LICSW, D.C. Department of Behavioral Health
  • Chioma Oruh, Ph.D., CHIBORNFREE, LLC
  • Linda Sheriff, M.Ed., Center for Health and Health Care in Schools (CHHCS), GWU


Padlet for February 16, 2022 DC CoP meeting:  https://chhcs.padlet.org/chhcs1/icd3wg4sctm0u7w8

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