Addressing Youth Suicide in DC – November 17, 2021

DC School Behavioral Health Community of Practice meeting on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 explored the evidence-based practices that can be applied by school teams to increase awareness about suicide prevention, assessment, and intervention to reduce suicide risk among students. Our partners from MindWise joined us to talk about suicide prevention and intervention best practices. We also discussed upcoming Signs of Suicide and Yellow Ribbon trainings, and school teams shared their lessons learned with implementation of suicide prevention programming.



  • Claudia Price, LICSW, Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE)
  • Alex Vann, MA, Building Capacity, LLC
  • Kimberly Harrington, MSW, LICSW, Department of Behavioral Health (DBH)
  • Jim McCauley, LICSW, Co-Founder and Associate Director, MindWise Trauma Center
  • Meghan Diamon, LCSW, Program Director, Suicide Education, MindWise
  • Jasmine Tingling-Clemmons, LICSW, Center City PCS Capitol Hill Elementary and Middle School
  • Amanda Harvey, LICSW, Cardozo Educational Campus High


Padlet for November 17, 2021 DC CoP webinar: 

Meeting Date