DC CoP and SchoolTalk Working Group

The DC CoP and SchoolTalk partnered to facilitate the "Connecting with Students and Responding to Behavior Working Group." 

 The working group outcomes included:

  • Recognition of the unique challenges associated with the return to school for SY20-21;
  • Identification of guiding questions for planning at the school or organization level;
  • Alignment of efforts/initiatives and thinking across systems to create a shared understanding focused on cohesion and integration; and
  • Identification of resources/information that will aid schools in their efforts to create and maintain equitable and inclusive environments focused on student and staff mental health and well-being, and aligned to their MTSS strategies.

More than 40 participants, representing 28 organizations and schools, joined us for at least one of the three sessions to discuss the following:

  • Session I: Understanding the Landscape (Tuesday, June 30)
  • Session II: Vision and Values (Tuesday, July 14)
  • Session III: Moving to Action (Tuesday, July 28)
Meeting Date